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Want to relieve stress? Great — Start Today!

Step #1: Prepare and Become Aware

Most of us feel stressed but often don’t realize how greatly it affects us. You’ve just begun a journey towards self-awareness. This insight will guide you to a more peaceful and centered life.

Bottom Line: When you identify an aspect of your life needing change, it becomes much easier to address and ameliorate.

There’s an old saying “to thine own self be true.” Shakespeare readers will recognize it as part of a longer quote uttered by Polonius in Hamlet.

These prophetic words written over four hundred…

The unemployment line was a great motivator.

If the trials, tribulations and tips of 20+ years as a creative marketer and copywriter are of interest, read on. I promise useful information you can immediately access in each segment of this business start-up series.

Our story begins way back in the latter part of the 20th century and travels right up to the present. From typewriters to TikTok thus begins one man’s self-employment journey.

If you’re like me and never taken a business course in your life there’s lots to be learned. If you’re a Harvard MBA graduate, probably more. No offense intended.

Looking back, had I known…

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If you want more enjoyment and satisfaction out of life let’s get the ball rolling. It’s all about the power you wield!

This is a follow up article to Write Your Happy Life Story Now. At the end of this piece you’ll find a couple of Mind Acrobatics exercises to help you jump start the process.

· Bored with life?

· Driven to distraction with the same old garbage?

· Desire being a doer not a viewer?

· Want to earn rather than simply yearn excitement?

Every additional minute allotted on earth is a gift. …

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Is COVID-19 contributing to your feeling stressed, trapped, worried, dissatisfied, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed? Were you experiencing these emotions even before the pandemic hit?

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that happy, carefree child buried inside. Where did she or he go?

Perhaps you ruminate about where your life’s heading? Not clear and a bit apprehensive about what’s going to happen in the next chapter. You might feel like making change but don’t know how to begin. For most of us this is an ongoing challenge. …

Time For a 7 Second Broadcast Delay of President’s Corona Virus Updates!


Donald Trump’s rambling political rallies disguised as COVID-19 updates hit a dangerous new low yesterday when he suggested the possibility of injecting disinfectant into patients as a possible cure for the corona virus.

Trump who has been President for 3 years, 95 days, 5 hours, forty minutes and 28 seconds has as of yet failed to understand the power of the bully pulpit.

Last month “A man reportedly died after ingesting a substance used to clean fish tanks that contains a form of chloroquine, a drug that…

We’re Still With You, Bernie!

“Our movement is not coming to an end the campaign is… the future of our country is with our ideas.”

Remaining on the ballot even as he suspends his presidential bid, Bernie is committed to gathering an electoral count that will provide leverage to press progressive principles at the 2020 Democratic Convention.

Democrat, Republican, Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian… you might not agree with all Sander’s policies but you can’t dispute their humanity!

Bernie Sanders has altered the political discourse of our nation. Most of his ideas, considered fringe a short time ago are now part of the mainstream consciousness and…


Very soon we may be able to travel & relax as Donald Trump allows us to visit cities, towns or states where the COVID-19 pandemic is not widespread.

America’s coronavirus task team led by straight-talking, no nonsense Vice-President Pence has informed us that because of the leadership of our great President, at this true American hero’s command, we will soon take decisive action based on our G-d fearing national leader’s superior handling of this pandemic.

In fact, President Trump, clearly a deeply religious and introspective individual stated,

“Easter’s a very special day for me.” Wouldn’t it be great to have…

Another Day, Another Adventure!

How often do you wake up tired, in a bad mood and dreading the day ahead?

We frequently go to bed ruminating about an argument with a loved one, concern about out kids, aggravation about work or all we have to do the next day.

If we’re single worrying about never finding someone decent to date is common.

The list is virtually endless — and it’s not the way to hit the sack!

We tend to live our lives as if we are in a hammock swinging back and forth between feeling stressed or relaxed, worried or serene, busy or…

The coronavirus has created a new reality.

All of us experience anxiety at various points in our lives. When we can’t pin the reason down it’s referred to as free-floating anxiety.

Situational anxiety is when we are responding to a specific stressor. We know what’s causing the unsettling feelings we are experiencing.

COVID-19 is scary. No question about it. Our world’s been turned upside down! It’s a situation designed to instill anxiety in the heartiest of individuals.

Although most of us haven’t been exposed, the possiblity exists that we are asymptomatic. The government and cable media bombard us 24/7 with…

The Wanderer tells this tale of internecine feuds, rebellion & discontent under the leadership of a Presidential Administration void of decency, kindness, and humanity!

I take a stub of graphite in hand, gripping it tightly betwixt thumb and forefinger so that it does not break.

I am unclear how much time has elapsed since the great internecine feud erupted in the year of our lord 2024. Though not surprised by its occurrence I was shattered by the speed with which it commenced and tore apart the fabric of life in our towns, cities and the country.

In the beginning the conflict was laughed off. Many chided its importance and referred to it simply as “The Orange Rebellion.”

All the signs had been visible. It…

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