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3 min readFeb 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day, What a Great Opportunity!

This fellow is loved beyond any words can convey!

For those who share loving relationships and are capable of demonstrating their affection and devotion for one another Valentine’s Day provides a special occasion to show that extra bit of reinforcement to their commitment.

Some individuals aren’t as adept at sharing their emotions. Valentine’s Day provides the opportunity to use cards, flowers, dining out and candy as a way of communicating their caring.

At times many find actions easier than words. Something extra special may convey our feelings in a different way. A massage with warm oil, rubbing one’s feet or an extra-long hug and hungry kiss are powerful aphrodisiacs.

Valentine’s Day can be such fun, especially if one is in a romantic relationship.

However, holidays are often difficult for a variety of reasons. Valentine’s Day can be particularly frustrating and simply sad.

Many of us aren’t in relationships. We may be lonely, depressed and often despair. Frequently we don’t feel good about ourselves. We are overly self-judgmental and wonder what it is we are doing that causes us not to have a valentine with whom to celebrate.

Often, we equate lack of a valentine with our body image or success in life. “If only I were prettier, skinnier, more outgoing, handsome or richer I’d have somebody to share the holiday with.”

That’s just not the case. Life works in cycles and all of us go through periods where we’re not in romantic relationships. In fact, way more than 50% of us are not experiencing a special romance on Valentine’s Day or at any specific time at all. Yet ultimately virtually everyone finds their special love. It takes many forms and is always gratifying. Remember though, we aren’t defined by having someone special, but rather by how special we are!

My Valentine Wish for All:

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday. Let it be one extra opportunity to rejoice, be grateful and mindful of all the positive in our lives. We only go around once. Make our 365-degree revolution super-special. Seek out the extraordinary, enchanting, exciting and exhilarating. Electrify our lives. Try it once and become hooked on a happier more engaged lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take Valentine’s Day and first make it a holiday of celebrating ourselves as tender, caring and loving human beings!

Let it not be words or simple thoughts, rather internal and experienced at the deepest level of our being.

We are all worthy of passion, appreciation, affection, and yes even lust!

Would that we let ourselves be enveloped in a feeling of worthiness, kindness, and the importance of our contribution to a society that now more than ever is in need of warmth and humanity.

Most importantly, enable us to appreciate just how wonderful and deserving of love each of us is!

There couldn’t be a better day to renew our faith in humanity and pledge to make our world a softer, more caring and kinder place for all.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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