Reduce Stress Now: Three Easy Steps

David Kanegis
2 min readDec 18, 2014


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Want to relieve stress? Great — Start Today!

Step #1: Prepare and Become Aware

Most of us feel stressed but often don’t realize how greatly it affects us. You’ve just begun a journey towards self-awareness. This insight will guide you to a more peaceful and centered life.

Bottom Line: When you identify an aspect of your life needing change, it becomes much easier to address and ameliorate.

There’s an old saying “to thine own self be true.” Shakespeare readers will recognize it as part of a longer quote uttered by Polonius in Hamlet.

These prophetic words written over four hundred years ago are more relevant than ever today.

Step #2: Embrace Your Individuality

  • Be true to yourself, values and ideals.
  • Live your life authentically.
  • Don’t worry what others say or think.

Perhaps this sounds simplistic. It is. Unfortunately, we live in a judgmental culture where it’s natural to be a bit gun shy of simply being ourselves.

Bottom line — Live your life authentically and you’ll begin to feel an inner-peace and a distinct lack of concern for the opinions of others.

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Step #3: Explore, Evaluate & Emancipate

  • Engage in mindful awareness.
  • Stop what you are doing 4 times a day.
  • Feel exactly what’s going on inside your head — your thoughts, emotions, what you’re experiencing at the moment.
  • If you’re feeling great, what’s contributing to this?
  • Not so hot — what are the causes?

Greater awareness of internal frame of mind empowers you to develop strategies that reinforce the positive and eliminate that which detracts from your quality of life.

Take Step #3 a bit further. Keep a ‘state of mind’ journal for one week.

Record what is and isn’t working well for you. Look for patterns. Once you recognize them you are on the path to creating a more relaxing and peaceful life.

Bottom line — You are in control. Take charge!

The majority of daily stress and worry can be dramatically reduced.

It requires desire, willingness and resolve. Use all the data you’ve gleaned from the steps above. Now create your personal blueprint for eliminating stress.

Become the best YOU that you can be. It feels great and frees the soul!

Enjoy life, keep a great sense of humor and have fun!

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