Write Your Happy Life Story Now!

David Kanegis
5 min readDec 5, 2020


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Is COVID-19 contributing to your feeling stressed, trapped, worried, dissatisfied, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed? Were you experiencing these emotions even before the pandemic hit?

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that happy, carefree child buried inside. Where did she or he go?

Perhaps you ruminate about where your life’s heading! Not clear and a bit apprehensive about what’s going to happen in the next chapter. You might feel like making change but don’t know how to begin. For most of us this is an ongoing challenge. You will make it happen if you are ready to become more aggressive and create life on your terms?

Start Feeling Better Now. Take charge and craft your story rather than passively standing-by as the pages unfold. Turn your life into a bestseller? Receive royalty checks made up of love, laughter, fulfillment and joie de vivre.

Unearth and create new exciting ideas and goals while you begin living life on your terms. As we hunker down the next few critical months, it’s a great time to prepare to Blow off the Covid-19 Blues.

Perhaps this sounds a bit pollyannish. Just another article about feeling better. It’s not! On the other hand, I’d be disingenuous to say you can just snap your fingers and make it happen. It takes work. But with the right support and guidance it will be an enjoyable, life-transforming journey.

Not sure how you’ll begin or where to turn?

Friends and others can be supportive sounding boards to whom you can talk, vent and ask for advice. They may help you feel good.

However, substantive lasting transformation and happiness comes from within. You have all the materials you need in that fully loaded tool chest in your mind that’s just waiting to be unlocked and used. You hold the ultimate power over what course your life will take.

This doesn’t mean you can control every event. Of course not. Just like a three-year old has rules they have to follow; we all have limitations over which we have little external control. However, how we handle these internally is a different story with a much more positive ending.

Everyone experiences overwhelming challenges. It’s a part of life. Yet have you noticed that while some people seem continually stressed, worried and unhappy others appear to take everything in their stride?

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder… “how do they cope so well with everything? What’s wrong with me?”

To make you feel a bit better, those people who you think have it “all together” possess lots of trials and tribulations of which you are unaware. 200,000+ articles show you’re not alone, hint: wait until you finish this piece before deciding if you’d like to check them out. 😊

Indulging in self-judgment, continually comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down has no value. It’s distressing and self-destructive.

The power to change and transform your life is waiting to be tapped. Put yourself in the right frame of mind and go for it.

Each of us finds our own path in life. Look around you. It’s usually easy to detect the individual’s most successful at following the yellow brick road.

Those who flourish often combine a variety of techniques that might include talk therapy, meditation, mindfulness, Mind Acrobatics™, physical exercise, reading self-help books, joining various clubs, becoming as active as possible and turning to qualified others for assistance.

You might want to consider a Life Coach or Coach Yourself… See Below!

Coaches are not therapists and rarely give you suggestions or advice. They provide guidance, direction, support, a bit of cheerleading — and something much more valuable! They empower your innate ability to reflect and take charge.

  • You decide what needs changing.
  • You determine responses to stresses and challenges.
  • You discover what’s really going on in your head.
  • You deal with what can be changed on the outside.
  • You decide how you’ll internally handle situations beyond your external control.
  • You resolve to make substantial change in your life.

The most effective coaches are those with positive inquiry training, intuition, creativity and the ability to enable you to discover your inner truths. They can provide the “value added” that will enable you to re-write your personal story.

Coaches help you reframe challenges transforming them into opportunities.

The best ones will raise questions that make you think, stretch your imagination, discover your innate strengths and support your efforts to accomplish your goals and redefine your life.

The very best coaches will do one thing more. They’ll pose questions that cause you to come up with ideas and concepts you never envisioned.

A new world of unlimited opportunities and challenges will be unleashed. The best part — all your daily woes and worries will pale in comparison to your new found take charge inner-self.

If you’d like to locate a certified coach check out this website listing: Find a Life Coach.

Sometimes finding a coach who is a great match and will enable you to create the changes you desire isn’t that easy. It’s no different than locating a therapist, trainer or any professional that’s both good at what they do and with whom you can work together as well.

I define well, not as simply making you feel good, letting you vent and helping you reduce stress. Those are great side benefits.

The coach you want is the one who is going to help set the stage to craft your life story based solely on your untapped thoughts and innermost desires. All the change will come from the truths you have buried inside your head, and the new associations you make as guided questions help you reach new decisions.

I believe within 3–6 months a talented coach will provide you with the tools needed to coach yourself as you move forward on your quest for greater happiness and self-actualization. Do you really want or need a coach?

If you’re ready to make change, December of 2020 is a great time to prepare yourself as we emerge from the cocoon of COVID-19. You will make it happen. You can use a variety of different resources or you can do it on your own!

One caveat, you have to be ready to make the time and emotional investment to allow it to happen. It’s worth the effort.

If you’d like to begin self-coaching read the next article in this series: Changing My Life: Week 1, Day 1

Thanks for reading this article and I wish you the best of luck. We all know that eventually COVID-19 will be beat. But only you can decide if you want to emerge experiencing a more fulfilling and joyful life.

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  • Life coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. If you are experiencing acute anxiety or depression consider contacting a licensed medical professional.

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